Libraries are a Lifeline!

Your gift helps keeps access to critical resources available for everyone!

Libraries are a Lifeline!  image

Your gift helps keeps access to critical resources available for everyone!

The Memphis Public Library serves EVERYONE!

There has never been a more critical time for EVERYONE to have access to FREE and RELIABLE information.

At the Memphis Public Libraries and the Memphis Library Foundation, we believe that EVERY citizen deserves access to information and resources.

  • Our libraries, whether they are physical or virtual, are hubs of equity and access, serving tens of thousands of people every year who look to us for education, resources, arts and culture, and even emergency assistance.
    • Linc 2-1-1 is open, answering calls, responding to community concerns, and making critical social service referrals
    • The Memphis Public Library is providing student and teacher resources to help families and schools navigate virtual learning.
    • Library staff strives to support families who are educating children, navigating health concerns, looking for remote creative outlets, and essential life skills such as cooking and sewing.
    The Memphis Library Foundation supports these efforts by providing PROGRAM FUNDING beyond the basic operational funding from the City of Memphis. This program funding is from private donors--people, foundations and corporations.

Private support funds vital library programs. Monthly gifts help the MLF plan their budget by providing on-going steady support. Please consider making a monthly gift to help sustain your Memphis Public Libraries.

Thank you for helping us ensure that our libraries can continue to meet community needs during this critical time.